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Can Existing Blinds Be Motorized?What are Motorized Blinds?

One of the biggest fads sweeping homes in recent years has been smart home and automation technology. Homeowners everywhere are enjoying lower energy bills, better security, improved energy efficiency, and a whole lot of convenience thanks to improvements that tie together almost every aspect of our homes under one easy-to-control banner. SAVVY homeowners have noticed the trend and adopted it for their window treatments, especially blinds. Motorized blinds offer all the styling and beauty of blinds, combined with all the convenience of remote control and smart technology. But if you have blinds that you already love, can your existing blinds be motorized?

Update Your Old Blinds

The good news for homeowners that want to add automation to their existing blinds is that they can be motorized. In fact, adding a motor is a great way to extend the life of your existing blinds and make them more useful.

Trust the Experts

At Southwest Blinds & Shutters, we’re an experienced custom window treatment team with over 18 years of helping homeowners improve their homes. Our installation team has years of expertise with window treatment automation and motorization, so you can trust us with your existing blinds. We’ll carefully upgrade them with motors, letting you enjoy the benefits of motorized blinds on a design that you already love.

What to Look For

The main thing to consider when choosing a motor is the size of the motor and the type of material your blinds are made of. For example, a large motor will be a problem if you have wood blinds, but it would be fine if you have vinyl blinds. The other consideration is how the motor will be mounted. Most blinds are hung from the top and the motor will be mounted to the bottom. When in doubt, call the professionals at Southwest Blinds

Why Homeowners Choose Motorized Blinds

If you’re not familiar with motorized blinds, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, but if you ask any homeowner in the know, they’ll tell you how great their automated and motorized window treatments are. A motorized shade can be programmed to raise and lower at certain times of the day, which is helpful if you have a busy schedule. It can be programmed to raise when the sun is at its hottest and lower when the sun has set. Some of the areas of your home that can be improved by making your existing blinds motorized include:

Energy Efficiency

Keeping your blinds closed during the hottest and coldest parts of the day can have a huge impact on your entire home’s energy efficiency. Since windows are often one of the biggest offenders when it comes to poor energy efficiency, your blinds play an important part in regulating energy waste.

Motorized blinds make it incredibly simple, since you can open and close your blinds from almost anywhere, enabling you to keep your home at peak energy efficiency, even if you’re not home. Plus, when you are home, remotely controlling your blinds can help you make better use of natural light and keep electric lights turned off.


Motorized blinds offer the convenience of controlling your window treatments with a smart device, or setting them to a predetermined schedule. That means that you can open and close your blinds from almost anywhere, which can help give the appearance that somebody is home, even when you aren’t.


The dangling cords of traditional blinds pose a danger to small children and animals. Motorized blinds are completely cordless, eliminating a potential hazard from every room they’re installed in. This invention involves a simple design for an operating system, consisting of a motor, gears, a battery, a control unit and a remote.

UV Protection

The sun’s rays aren’t just raising the temperature in your home, they’re also broadcasting damaging UV light throughout its interior. UV light can visibly damage your carpeting, furniture, wall art, and more, prematurely aging your belongings. Blocking UV light with motorized blinds is convenient and can help prolong the life of your valuables.

Rely on Expert Installation

If you’re interested in making your existing blinds motorized, you can contact Southwest Blinds & Shutters to find out more about the options available for your home. We can walk you through all of your choices and schedule a design consultation with a member of our team. Contact us today to learn more.

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We are extremely pleased with our whole experience with this company. From sales to installation, everyone we dealt with was courteous and professional. They delivered exactly as promised from the quote, to the installation and did a great job! The shutters took our house from beautiful to stunning! Highly recommend this company!
Blinds look awesome! The install was quick and lacked any drama. Just like I want. :-) We will definitely be buying from them again once we redo a couple areas in the house first.
The entire experience was excellent. We had roller shades installed throughout our home. The online notification system after your order is great. We received regular email updates regarding the status of the fabrication of our order, delivery, and installation.
Southwest Blinds was wonderful to work with. The communication was excellent. All the employees from sales to the installers were professional and kind. Answered all our questions. I highly recommend them.
Southwest Blinds and Shutters provided a remarkable product for a great value! We are extremely pleased with the job done. James is a true professional who stands behind his company on all levels. We would highly recommend Southwest Blinds & Shutters and are looking forward to having the rest of our windows done with them.
Fast and professional. Super efficient and detail-oriented. Very pleased with the service they provided. Don’t hesitate to schedule them for your blind and shutter needs.
They did a great job installing my shutters. Very polite and went the extra mile to do some minor adjustments that I requested. He identified a couple of things that were incorrect on my order and made sure new items were ordered. He came back to reinstall the corrected pieces and did a great job.
This is one top notch company! They provided a wonderful variety of samples when they came to my home and were able to patiently answer all my questions about their products. Very professional! I felt like they really cared about my satisfaction with my choices all the way to the final installation. The installer was on time, pleasant, very neat, and did a wonderful job. I absolutely love my new shutters and would highly recommend Southwest Blinds and Shutters to anyone in the Valley. You will not be disappointed!
The technician who measured our windows and eventually installed them did a professional job and was done very quickly. Got our rebate form promptly and would do business again if we are ever in need.
James was doing a job across the street and we asked him to come over for an estimate. We hired on the spot and were genuinely pleased with the quality and service we received. He worked fast and clean and on time. Very pleased with the outcome.
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